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Why is windowboss different?

With over 25 years experience in commercial automation and audio-visual projects, we are uniquely qualified to help and advise on home automation. 

We Import

The motor products we support are sourced directly from the manufacturer in China. This is the same factory used by many leading brand suppliers of electric curtain motors.

We manufacture

The aluminium track section is milled in the UK to our specific design. This allows us uniquely to produce single track lengths up to 6 metres long, so no track joins for the patio Bi-Fold doors with our Bespoke Solution.

We supply direct

This is all we do - and we do it well. We know everything about or products and how they can be used to enhance your lifestyle. There will be no referring back to suppliers to find answers to your questions. Whether you want to integrate electric curtains into your home automation system, Have your curtain open automatically in the morning, or simply want a button to push so there is no need to leave your seat or call for help.

Premium support as standard

Telephone support available and email questions answered promptly. Download our instruction manuals and view instruction videos.

Safe Online Ordering

Order anything online and pay securely with Paypal.

Who would benefit from electric curtains?

Do you suffer with restricted mobility?

If drawing curtains around the home causes pain, there is no need to put up with it. If you need to rely on others to shade you from the glare of the sun or create some privacy, an easy to use remote control could be the perfect answer.

Are you worried about home security while away?

There are many enhancements you can make to your home to make it appear occupied while you are away and to deter potential wrongdoers. Outside lights that switch on when approached, internal lights on a timer throughout the home are all easy to implement and can be effective deterrents. So a natural enhancement to this is to make sure the curtains are also automated while you are away. No need to ask the neighbours again.

Are you building a home automation system?

This really is our Forte! Whatever home automation product you have chosen we can help you integrate the control of your curtains into your smart home. Whether you choose a simple relay control or the advanced RS485 options, we can help you achieve your perfect smart home.

DIY Curtain Track Solutions

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More Info and Buy ezBOSSAn easy to assemble electric curtain track system designed for the home DIY market. Simple plug in and use operation. Extra quiet motor allowing curtain opening and closure via remote control or simply tug the curtains to operate.

ezBOSS is ideal if you have difficulties opening and closing your curtains or simply wish to further enhance your existing home automation.

Easily configured (up to 50cms length adjustment in 1cm increments) for straight run centre drawn curtains or gather to one side.
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Bespoke Curtain Track Solutions

More Info and Order
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proBOSSThis assembled product is for installation by professional electricians and builders. Direct electrical mains connection is required for the motor, which connects to the curtain track system via a quick release clip.

proBOSS is suited for large windows and is an ideal aid for people with restricted mobility or those wishing to enhance or add home automation.

The maximum track length is 6m but larger systems can be supplied for assembly on site.
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Curtain Track Accessories

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More Info and Buy AccessoriesHere we have a range of accessories and spares for our Window Boss products. All accessories are compatible with either ezBOSS or proBOSS ranges
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